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Reconstructive Dentistry

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Reconstructive Dentistry

Reconstructive dentistry is used when patients have experienced tooth loss, tooth damage, or jaw misalignment due to disease or injury. Despite some overlap with cosmetic dentistry, reconstructive dentistry focuses on restoring your teeth and jaw function.
In reconstructive dentistry, many different types of services can be performed. Dental conditions that restore the function, shape, or jaw structure and dental arc likely fall under reconstructive dentistry.

Types Of Reconstructive Dentistry

The above list is just a few examples of commonly performed reconstructive dentistry procedures. Regardless of whether your dental problem is on this list or not, Peninsula Center of Cosmetic Dentistry can still treat your teeth and repair your smile through reconstructive dentistry. Contact us today for any of your Reconstructive Dentistry needs. 


Anyone with a sufficient number of teeth with mild or severe issues interfering with the aesthetics and functionality of his or her mouth is a good candidate for oral surgery with reconstructive dentistry procedures.
Yes. We offer IV sedation for all of our services. IV sedation is a nice way to go. You come into the office, take a little nap, and have all of your work done without a care in the world. Since it is not general anesthesia, you will still have all reflexes. 
Yes, we do! Having a virtual consultation with Peninsula Center of Cosmetic Dentistry is a convenient way to get what you need in a very low-impact environment. While in your consultation, we can record your session, you can upload a selfie photo, and we can discuss what you are looking for. We can create a game plan without you even leaving your home! Of course, you will need to come into our office to get the work done. We haven’t figured out how to do it virtually yet.
Reconstructive dentistry offers two major benefits – efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Reconstructive dentistry is a highly efficient dental solution because you won’t have to constantly visit your dentist, and it will last a lifetime.
You will be instructed to evaluate your dental condition and issue before undergoing any dental reconstruction treatment. Dr. Field will also take an X-ray to determine what dental treatment you need.

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